CEIBO is a company of exploration and production of oil and gas, located in Casanare, Colombia. It is part of its philosophy to carry out its activity with sustainability criteria, drawing clear strategies in terms of social and environmental responsibility, and of protection for its employees. In this manner, CEIBO contributes through its work to the sustainable development of the region where it operates, the protection of its natural resources, and the growth of its shareholders.

We believe in innovation as the way to add value to our operations, which also allows us to act efficiently and responsibly, thus becoming reliable allies for our shareholders, employees, and the community.


Conduct activities of exploration and production of oil and gas, following criteria of sustainability and social and environmental responsibility, contributing to the growth of its shareholders, and the region where it operates.


Achieve excellence in our operations and be leaders in the region, with financial sustainability and generation of value for our stakeholders.


José Francisco Chalela - Director

Doctor in Jurisprudence. Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Se«Šora del Rosario, Master in Civil Law. Louisiana State University. Specialization Studies: Academy of International and American Law. Southwestern Legal Foundation. University of Texas. Development Program for Non-American Executives in Princeton. Princeton University. (USA)
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Doris Pastrana - Gerente General

Professional in Accounting, Financing and Auditing with advanced English studies, with experience of 35 years in the Oil and Gas industry.
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Joaquín Escobar - Asesor Tecnico